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Batch convert flac to mp3

How to choose proper quality settings for FLAC to MP3 conversion? Use "Low" or "Medium" presets for mobile phone, "Medium" or "High" for MP3 player and for listening on your PC. You may also choose the quality manually for your FLAC conversions. Is it possible to convert a whole folder with FLAC files to MP3? Yes, Click 'Open folder' button to convert all FLAC to MP3. You can also convert a whole CD, DVD or all FLAC files on your hard drive in a click. Convert batches of FLAC to MP3 Magic FLAC to MP3 supports batch FLAC conversion. This means you can select both folders, FLAC files and entire discs containing FLAC files to convert them all to MP3 at once. This batch FLAC to MP3 feature is very useful if you own a huge collection of FLAC files spreaded on your PC and on discs. Can Magic FLAC to MP3 Converter support CUE files? Many FLAC files are comes with CUE files, which contain FLAC track information(i.e. Duration, Artist..). Magic FLAC to MP3 Converter is able to import the CUE files, letting you work with FLAC tracks without a huge FLAC file, convert single flac song of album to mp3 file, or a few of them. What is FLAC? FLAC is a lossless audio format, which means it saves original CD quality when you creating FLAC files directly from an audio CD. Unlike WAV format which is also lossless FLAC adds some compression very similar to ZIP shrinking. It doesn't reduce the quality but makes FLAC files smaller than WAV's. They are much bigger than MP3s though, which make it bulky for using in MP3 players and other mobile devices. Provide adjustable output quality with handy presets Best flac to mp3 online download award sites converting from flac to mp3 FLAC MP3 Converter Related Topics

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